Radio Repair Restauration of German Tube Radios Walter's Radiodox
the fourth German old radio site - English version online since April 1997, since spring 2000 also German 

After running out of space for more radios I concentrated on service manuals and schematics. Do you need  Schematics+Tube Data Sheets?

Can you help me completing some radios? See my missing part list and parts/radios to be restored available part list, scrapchassis,  PU needle, stylo for turntable pick-up

How to restore a Volksempfänger VE 301 GW (Nazi radio) 

How to restore a German 50ties tube set 2 examples: Loewe Opta Tempo 710WandKörting Trixor 52
( I live in Munich / Bavaria and sometimes do restoration / repair projects of tube radios also for friends.)

How to restore an American hot tail radio e.g. Emerson 410 (ballast resistor in the line cord)

Some of my favorite links - mainly europeen radio sites

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