Körting Trixor 52 W 
1951/52Körting Trixor 52

Case: black bakelite

Size: (w/h/d) 34 x 23.5 x 16 cm

Loudspeakers: 1

Antennas: metal part of the backplane

Frequencies/Bands: LW, MW, FM , 12 circuits

Power: 110/127/220 V AC,

Tubes/Semicond.: 5 tubes ECH 42, EF 41 (or EAF 42) , EAF 42, EL 41, AZ 41

Originally priced: DM 218,-

Condition: excellent

Comments: I repaired this magnificent set for a friend, after replacing 15 caps and the rectifier tube it is playing like brandnew now. The old tar sealed caps had changed their value by + 100-300 % probably from humidity. The circuit of this set is really tricky - naming the set:  Reflexcircuit, i.e. the AF is "reflexed" to the first IF tube (EF41), this is used twice: as IF amplifier and as AF pre-amp!! And there is a mains transformer only for the filament voltage - but the anode/plate voltage comes directly from rectified mains (depending how you plug the mains - the chassis is on ground or mains potential!!).

Siemens A60 Nordmende Fidelio