Links from Bavaria to the World

German links

Ernst Erb's Radiomuseum you can search for data of many German, Austrian and Switzerland radios

GFGF Association of German radio collectors

WUMPUS first german old radio and tubes site focussed on fifties and former GDR

Klaus Dohmen one of my favorite antique radio sites - didactical and beautiful photos of all eras (new IP address) a german introduction to short wave radio

Walters Radiodox homepage my own one

Gemeinschaftsempfänger new and comprehensive page of all Nazi radios, schematics, fotos, German language

Walter Mohl's Nostalgische Radios aus den 50iger 7 60igern, repair tips Schaub Lorenz Touring

Old Time Radio emphasis on East German Radios + book shop

Radio King new and very nice Austian old radio page

Offline's new page on the scene of German tube radios 1937-59

G.Clasens 75 years of radio history, very nice new page, Braun special

The 50ties Collection: European radios, furniture etc.

Joseph a collector of German old radios in Hong Kong showing very beautiful items

MaK's pre-war radios virtual museum (new page)

Walter Mohl's Historische Röhrenradios from the 50ties

Markus Nüdling's Online Radiomuseum

Dirk Becker' radiopage (under construction)
Spickelmir's Rundfunkmuseum

FHS Esslingen didactical site of telecomunication history

Radio Museum Rottenburg/Laaber (Bavaria) excellent German Museum page about old radios, many professional pictures

Rundfunkmuseum Havixbeck under contruction

Radio Museum Fürth under construction

Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg with infos on radio history

Radiomuseum Linsengericht - Ohrwürmer near Frankfurt/Main

Frag Jan zuerst! Jan is dealing with tubes and old radio parts - and online again

SammlerNet Radio Flohmarkt

Forum tube radios

Rudi's homepage tube radios, Tefifon

Antikradio virtual museum

Ralf's Antik Radio virtual radio museum

Andreas Müller tube radio, transistor, autoradio,

Kleinanzeigen zum Thema Röhrenradio

Hein Radio Book Shop

HF-shop tube resource, German language

Dual turntables company homepage

Grundig History of the company in English/German

Georg Neumann GmbH Berlin Microphones homepage, today owned by Sennheiser

Georg Neumann & Co Gefell east German part of Neumann, today Microtech Gefell

Denk's first transistor radio, story in German language

Magisches Auge good repair instructions

Ralf's Antik Radio history of German radio factories

Bayerischer Rundfunk 50years anniverary, interesting pages in German

ARD 75 years of German radio history

TRV selling replicas, parts, books

Schaltungsdienst Lange German resource for modern japanese schematics

Radio Book Shop German radio books and reprints

German WEB radio stastions - many links

Telefunken is not dead and still producing transmitters

European links

Gerard Tel from the Netherlands very special fundus for Philips and other french/german old radios

Piet Hoen another collector from the Netherlands emphasis European old radios

World of Wireless Dutch Radiomuseum, many Philips resources

Radio Nederland having tons of old radio links

Philips museum Holland

Jos Lauth Luxemburg Old tube radio

Volkswagen Radios from Denmark the most complete collection of autoradios I have seen

THOGGERSEN Bang&Olufsen historic radios from Denmark

JL Villabona Spanish old radios

La Radio Clasica Espanola Spanish old radios page in Spanish language

Historia de la Radio writing about radio pioneers in Spanish language and links, no photos

Nicolas Radio Page, this French site displaying excellent fotos of postwar European sets+ tube cross reference

Hungarian radio collection

Petr Kadlec Czech radio page, info about German military radios

Germini giving lots of resources (parts, tubes, schematics..) on Italian radios

Luca and Vittoria's new Italian old radio page in Italian language

Radionostalgia Italian old radio site currently only in Italian language

Luca Rossi's homepage of Italian radios actually in Italian language

Aldos Transistor directory giving may Transistor and Italian links

Radiofil largest French site with a listing of 6000 sets

Jean-Luc Fradet having many pre-war sets and extraorinary !!! items of the 50' on display, French language

Xavier Combes Radio-TSF Philips and French radios

La Radio Portable French site

Patrick's radio meubles a French collector of the famous very large radio bars

Radio Gaga French old radio page, French language

Norwegian Historical Radio Society

Arild T. Kolsrud Norwegian Collector, nice photos

Kent's "old radios" a Swedish collector of mainly pre-war radios having very extraordinary exhibits

Rolf Bergendorffs Radio Museum another Swedish collector from pre-war to fifties

Jorgens Old Radios another Swedish collector from pre-war to fifties

Nordstrom Swedish radio collector of European radios

Norwegian and other European radios collection, German language

Marc Graviere a French collector focussed mainly on American radios

Philippe Larrivé's Radio gaga page displaying many French Philips and other French models

Udo's first Swiss jukebox and old radio page

Paul's Radio Museumcollection of UK & GDR sets built in the 30s 40s 50s & 60s

American links (only a few of them)

DJ Adamson ARP one of the most accessed pages with antique radio collection, many links and other

Phils old radios outstanding beautiful designed page, mainly american collection and index to other collections

Claudio's old radio page, now I kow what is Catalin

Radios Antigos no Brasil beautiful radios from America and Europe in 3 languages