Walter's available Unrestaured sets, part list/scrap chassis/Schrottchassis/

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Year Brand and model Available parts
1933 Mende Weltklasse div.chassis parts, celluloid dial, bakelite dial frame for wooden case
1935-40 SABA 355 WH complete, case needs new laquer
1958-60 Grundig 6098/6099Stationstasten chassis, dial glass...
1955-60 Blaupunkt very large tube chassis Chassis, dial glass

circa 1955 Wega 116/1140 complete, plastic case broken
1967  Loewe-Opta
Meteor Stereo 68
 chassis, MPX stereo decoder, dial glass
1963/64 Graetz Comedia 1215 complete, teak wood case in bad cond.
1952/53 Blaupunkt Ballade F525WH, mag. eye wooden case needs new laquer
1951/52 Schaub Koralle 53 /w mag. eye Chassis complete, buttons, cloth, speaker, wooden case is missing
1952/53 Braun W400 UKW complete, need new laquer, power cord missing
1965 ca. Telefunken Magnetofon 500 


1960 ca. Braun Atelier 1-81 Stereo Chassis complete + back panel

1968 ca. DUAL H1010 SV 

portable disc player with ampl., teak

2* available, 1 system missing
1954/55 Grundig 4040- 3D parts: dial glass, knobs, keys, speaker...
1953/54 Philips Jupiter 543, BD543A-03 parts: dial glass, knobs, keys, speaker...
1953/54 Körting Conbrio 54W, 2 speakers restorable, needs new laquer on top, complete but w/o backplane 
1955/56 Graetz Comedia 4R215, 3 speakers restorable, needs total new laquer, complete w/o tubes 
1956/57 Neckermann with Philips Phono, 

radio chassis identical Körting 710W

wooden case restorable, Philips turntable OK, missing speaker side grills, 1 button, 1knob
ca. 1960 Philips Gemma wooden case, chassis + diverse parts

ca. 1960 Blaupunkt chassis complete chassis, no case
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